Comext Import en

Do you want to buy in China?
Do not know how to look for the product?
Do you not trust the quality?
Do you fear to take risks and be fooled?

At COMEXT we help you!

The Comext IMPORT is a service for companies interested in buying any product in China.

We speak the language and we have native people in the team, for a more direct and personalized management.

What product do you need? How is it?

With the previous information of the product you need (characteristics, regulations, quantities, etc.) we take care of the search, the manufacturing process, the procedures and quality control.

Offer Process


It is very important to have all of the information on the product being sought. The more detailed the information is, the better the search will be.


All of the characteristics of the product must be known: technical specifications, drawings, standards, packaging, quantities, etc. even a physical sample would be helpful.

Search for supplier

Once we have all of the information on the product, Comext looks for the best supplier. To do this, Comext has a database of its own and of staff in China whose experience allows us to find reliable suppliers very fast.


Once different suppliers have been chosen for the product, quotes are asked for and a first selection is made for the possible supplier, with whom the prices, conditions and quantities are negotiated.


With all of the information, Comext makes a study of the economic impact that the product importation, the cost of the product, the transport, the levies, the restrictions and other factors might have, and duly prepares an offer.


Comext also advises on the different forms of payment. 

Approval of samples

When the offer meets its target price, the samples are made and sent to be assessed and approved.

Once the samples have been approved, both the customer and the Comext staff have the same approved samples to follow up on production.

Purchase management and quality control

Management and monitoring of orders 

Comext always sends the customer order and activates all mechanisms for production to begin. A weekly check is made of the order and the customer is kept informed of its status at all times.

Production monitoring 

Throughout the production, a follow-up is made in the factory on the state of the product and the checkpoints agreed for the quality control are verified.

Quality control 

The quality controls are agreed with the customer and the manufacturing process diagram is followed. This means that we avoid our realising that the product is wrong at the end of the manufacturing process and having to restart production with the delay this would cause in delivering the order.

The quality control ends with a checklist where all of the important aspects of the product, the packaging and the loading of the material in the container are reviewed.

In order to avoid confusions and misunderstandings, COMEXT VOLTREGÀ does all negotiations and follow-ups in the factories with Chinese personnel.

To avoid confusion and misunderstandings, COMEXT VOLTREGÀ does all the negotiations and follow-ups to the factories with Chinese personnel.


Product shipment 

A final check is made in the product shipment regarding the state of the manufactured material, the packaging and the labelling.
An exhaustive check is made of the loading of the material in the container, until it is sealed.

Logistic management and monitoring 

Comext manages the whole of the logistics service of its product from the Chinese factory to its facilities. Comext has agreements with leading logistics companies to offer the best logistics conditions and customs services so that customers do not have to worry about anything.

We have the knowledge to perform triangular operations in which the material from China is sent anywhere in the world without the customer detecting the supplier that has made it.

Storage service 

Comext can offer warehouse storage at origin in order to consolidate and optimise the containers with materials from different suppliers.

In Spain, COMEXT also offers a regulatory storage service for shipment of the programmed monthly amounts.