Comext Export En

The market is changing and China now not only produces, but exporting to this country has become one of the greatest commercial opportunities for world producers. China is a market where the demand for imported products and services is on the rise.

There are great opportunities for companies who believe their product or project has great potential and want to focus on the Chinese market.

In COMEXT we have experience in the internationalisation of products and projects in the Chinese market, where we are backed by different projects with great results. In COMEXT we help you in all of the phases of the project in order to make a reality of your product’s opening and expansion to China.

The stages of the project include

Market study

Hay que hacer una buena investigación, recogida y análisis de información del mercado Chino sobre el producto que queremos exportar. Hay que analizar la oferta y la demanda del mercado, los precios, canales de distribución, análisis de la competencia o las necesidades de los consumidores que varían según la zona. Hacemos epecial atención de si el producto se puede vender por internet ya que China se los principales países donde se mueven más transacciones comerciales por este medio.

Business plan 

The actions to be taken and the resources we have must be carefully planned to define a good strategy.

Search for customers and distributors 

We have great knowledge of the Chinese market and the way the company structures work, which makes it easier to locate potential customers.

Introduction of the product

We present the product. Our proven capacity to communicate with large Chinese industrial groups makes the presentations a success.

Control of exportation 

We control every detail of the exportation process to avoid the project being blocked at any time, not only in the initial phase, but also throughout the whole evolution of the project. We monitor the whole operation and become your export department to adapt the strategy to be followed at all times and to make the project a success.